• Timber frame houses

    Timber frame houses are built from walls with vertical posts and horisontal beams. Walls are filled with insulation materials and closed from both sides. 

    Ecobuild produces two types of timber frame houses - “pre-cut” timber frame houses and “post & beam” houses

    “Pre-cut” timber frame houses are produced as pre-fabricated and ready to be installed on site, where all the details of the house are pre-cut to the right dimension, marked and will be installed based on a construction drawing. This kind of wooden construction can be installed by our experienced specialists in only 3-4 days in case of a medium living house. 

    Pre-cut solution is also possible for the inner walls of a log home, the walls for a second floor ar for roof constructions. 

    The advantages of pre-cut technology lie in higher quality and planed precise material, quick and optimal construction process, which minimizes the possible negative influences from the weather conditions to the constructions and which also minimizes the waste of construction material. 


    Pre-cut timber frame house structure:      

    Post & beam house structure:                  

    Pre-cut timberframe house_3D Post&beam house_3D_wooden frame

    Post & beam houses are produced from massive glue laminated posts and beams, which create the main load bearing structure for the houses. The posts and beams are connected with special connections which are made by our CNC production center Hundegger K2i. This results in a strong and stable structure, which is also visually attractive. The wall elements for a post & beam house can be made from different materials – varying from glass and brick to classical wooden solutions.  

    Please visit our reference catalogue for illustrative materials or send us an inquiry!