• Technology

    Ecobuild’s log and wooden houses are produced by fully automated CNC wood processing centers Hundegger K2 and AUER BL100A. The technology enables us to offer wider selection of log and beam profiles, connections with faster shipment time and very high quality. All the details and components of our houses are prefabricated and ready to be installed – all details are numbered and packed in order, which guarantees fast and easy set up on site. Due to our technology we can offer the best possible quality and optimal use of resources. 


    The production line Hundegger K2

    Hundegger K2 is the world’s leading fully automated CNC wood processing center – developed by Hans Hundegger GmbH, who is the world’s most successful company in wood and log production area. 

    Ökoehituse_puidutöötlemiskeskus_Hundegger-K2i_Robot_-300x188  Ökoehituse_puidutöötlemiskeskus_HundeggerK2_detailid2-300x139.fw
     Ökoehituse_puidutöötlemiskeskus_Hundegger_detailid1  Ökoehituse_puidutöötlemiskeskus_Hundegger K2_detailid

    In addition to traditional solutions for log and pre-cut houses Hundegger K2 can produce complex multifaceted fret worked columns, different joggle connections, drillings, angle cutting, concave profile and incisions.



    The production line AUER BL100A

     Auer is the world’s leading fully automated CNC wood processing center which can produce up to 152 mm wooden components. 

    Ecobuild_CNC_wood_processing_center_Auer  Ecobuild_CNC_wood _processing center_Auer_details2
    Ecobuild_CNC_wood_processing_center_Auer_details  Ecobuild_CNC_wood_processing_center_Auer_etiquette


    Similarly to Hundegger K2 wood processing center Auer is also fully automated production line. Auer BL100A log house center can make special solutions such as cross-cuttings, drillings and splicings.





    These modern fully automated CNC machines make Ecobuild production extremely fast and complicated techniques possible.

    Let us know if you need any CNC solutions!