• Log houses

    Log homes produced by Ecobuild are from squared logs, which are pre fabricated on fully automated CNC production lines Hundegger K2i and Auer BL100A. Log homes are produced either from laminated or natural massive logs. Natural massive logs are natural logs, which are sawed to square profile and of which the most common log wall types are up to 152 mm in thickness. Laminated logs are produced through glueing of planed and dried wooden lamellas of which the thickness varies depending on the project. The most common log wall solutions from laminated logs are up to 204 mm in thickness. 

    Log houses produced in Ecobuild are typically with wall thicknesses from 70 mm to 240 mm. The technological capabilities however enable for us to produce also thinner and thicker walls. 

    The typical thicknesses and profiles of logs for our log homes are as follows: 

    Laminated log homes – thicknesses and profiles of wall logs



    Massive log homes – thicknesses and profiles of wall logs

    Massiivpalkmajade seinapaksused



    Corner joints for log houses in our selection are classical cross corner, dovetail corner and city corner


    Classical cross corner Dovetail corner City corner
    Ristnurk_palkmaja Lühinurk_palkmaja Linnanurk_palkmaja


    Log houses are insulated between logs and in corner joints according to our customers needs. The different materials used are linen wool, glass wool, self-expanding gaskets etc. It is additionally possible to add additonal insulation to the log wall – on the inside or the outside of the log wall depending on a project. 


    Ökoehituse Ltd has acquired a quality certificate for our log houses issued by Estonian Woodhouse Association – all of our log houses are produced according to the “Standards of Estonian Woodhouse Association for log houses.” 


    Please visit our reference catalogue for illustrative materials or send us an inquiry!