Wood is alive. A wooden house is warm, durable, and has character. Wood is natural material and a wooden house is eco-friendly, green and has a low carbon footprint. A wooden house is comfortable. Timber is sustainable and one of the oldest building materials.

    Everywhere in the world the popularity of wooden houses is on the rise. Energy efficiency, healthy living environment, short construction time and affordable prices are important factors. Wood is also strong, durable, flexible and fire proof, when treated accordingly.

    Choosing a wooden house from Ecobuild you will get many advanatages:

    Wooden homes are very healthy, wooden material has the unique ability to “breathe” and balance the indoor climate. Air passes through the wood grain, gets cleared, moisturized and maintains comfortable temperature. Thus, the house always maintains a comfortable microclimate, which is especially important for kids and persons with different allergies. It is established that the warm and natural colour of wood positively influences one’s state of mind, soothes nervous system and creates friendly conditions for recreation. It is clear that a wooden house is not just a building, but is a special world into which to invite friends and family.

    Wood construction is fast and efficient. Ecobuild manufacturing processes are undertaken at our production facilities and only assembling and installation is undertaken on site. Wooden buildings can be built year-round in most climates. A wooden home of up to 100m² can be delivered, ready to move into in just three months. 

    A comfortable microclimate stays in wooden homes in a natural way. It is naturally warm in winter and cool in summers. Logs feature to accumulate excessive moisture and to return it, helps to keep the optimal room temperature. 

    Wooden walls have high heat storage capacity. Wooden walls store warmth and gradually radiate it throughout the house. Therefore, wall surface´s temperature is similar to that of room´s temperature. This conditions comfort inside a house.

    Wood is the most widely available building material derived from a renewable source. Over 50% of the total area of Estonia is covered with forest and there is less wood cut down and used in Estonia than is naturally growing on a daily basis. 

    Log homes, built in accordance with our modern technologies are highly reliable and durable. Properly notched and maintained houses can stand for centuries. There are 600- 700 years´houses still standing in Scandinavian countries and Siberia.

    No material has been able to match the unique characteristics of wood including strength, durability, and ease of use, natural thermal resistance and stability. Wood is also outstanding for absorption and resistant of vibration. Log houses are suitable also for earthquake areas as very stable and strong constructions.

    Timber structures of massive cross-section demonstrate very high fire resistancy. When exposed to fire, wood surface becomes charred, which prevents the further development of fire.

    The assembly process of a prefabricated wooden house is designed in a way that there is minimum or no impact to the surrounding flora and fauna. Manufacturing of wood products consumes 10 times less energy than production of other construction materials.

    A wooden house is easy and fast to build, is energy efficient and preserves our natural environment. The use of wood as a building material ensures a healthy living environment for us and the generations to come. This combined gives us the possibility to save time and money, while enjoying a nice and cozy atmosphere.

    We at Ecobuild offer a very good quality and price ratio for our log and timber frame houses. 


    Do you want to live in good health? Then wood and timber buildings are the simple answer. Ask an offer!