As a prefabricated log house manufacturer Ecobuild can design and build special projects, tailor-made houses and private label products. We also have a wide choice of interesting ready-made projects and solutions. However the technology used allows the design of modern solutions to meet client’s and architect’s visions. For example, log homes for urban environment, double wall or extra insulated machined log homes, pre-cut and post&beam houses with modern architecture.

    Ecobuild pre-fabricated square log homes are produced from logs that vary in thickness, height, diameter and profile – both glue-laminated and natural logs are used. Post & beam houses are constructed from glue laminated vertical posts and horizontal certified beams. Pre-cut timber frame houses are classical timber frame houses for which all the components are pre-fabricated and ready to be installed quickly and with minimal waste.


    Choosing Ecobuild prefabricated wooden houses you will get many advanatages:



     If you are looking for a house which will last for a good number of years, that provides comfort for all living being, then prefabricated buildings are just for you. Ask an offer!